adjust mobile cone crusher discharge opening

Overview: mobile cone crusher widely used for crushing kinds material, and most of the material is stone, thus its work environment is also very bad, parts easily wear and tear, especially the wear of the material directly, we should maintenance it timely.

mobile Cone Crusher body upper has support sleeve, it connects spring around the crusher with the body together, bearing sleeve with sawtooth thread, equipped with fixed umbrella plate adjustment screw into the thread ring, rotating adjusting ring, can make the umbrella plate fixed up or down along the height direction, can adjust the size of the row ore opening.

during crusher adjustment, thread situation is difficult to turn the adjustment ring, such as silt need to add lubricating oil for lubrication. If there is no lubricating oil, first let the crusher discharging a small amount of ore, and then reverse, in this way is simpler.

After adjusted, can adjust ring will gently lift, at the same time when rotate crusher, can put into the crushing chamber shot, four relative position along the circumference of a circle crushing cavity. problems in the design to measure the row ore mouth adjustment is correct. It should be noted that when adjusting the row ore mouth row ore mouth size does not allow less than the specified size.

After cone crusher replace new lining board, may be caused by a lack of clearance adjustment improper, for umbrella plate collision occurs in an experimental phenomenon, if moving umbrella plate bias, the turn each week noise can contact with fixed umbrella plate issued a circular, when fixed plate partial umbrella, the movable umbrella plate thrum local collision turn every week. At the same time there will be a motor current fluctuations, slow moving cone of revolution.

When these accidents happened, firstly thought might be the material impact noise, but frequent will generate failure, and even make the vertical shaft broken. Therefore, requires an umbrella of crusher plate surface of mechanical processing, do not allow the ovality more than 2 ~ 3 mm.

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