Antimony Metal Processing Plant

Antimony metal is a rare metal. China is the world's largest producer of antimony ore, the main purpose is the production of lead alloys and lead-antimony alloy plate lead-acid batteries used, there is made of tin and antimony lead alloy can be used to enhance the welding materials, ammunition and bearing performance. Antimony is still emerging microelectronic technology has a wide range of uses. Therefore, antimony ore grinding mill is the essential equipment.

The application of antimony metal

First, the production of polyethylene terephthalate stabilizers and catalysts; the second is to remove the glass bubbles are visible under a microscope fining agents, the main purpose is to create a television screen; third, it is the application of paint . Antimony used in the semiconductor industry continues to develop, mainly used as a dopant in ultra-high-conductivity n- type silicon wafers, the material used in the production of diodes, infrared detectors, and Hall-effect element.

Antimony metal processing plant

Hand-selected raw ore through crushing and fine crushing, ore particle size control in less than 30mm, screening classification of 8-30mm, 2-8mm, 0-2mm three size fractions, respectively, into the AM30 jig, LTA1010 / 2 Jig machine, sawtooth jig jigging machine re-election, re-election to get mixed into the concentrate ore zone. The presence of finely disseminated antimony ore tailings jigger re-elected, in order to increase the recovery rate and index the entire process of beneficiation, flotation process is usually set in after the re-election process, for re-election tailings grinding, grading the mixture was stirred and similar flotation, flotation processes with a single antimony sulfide ore flotation, the use of a coarse, three fine, two sweep the flotation process. Flotation was antimony flotation flour. After shaking flotation tailings re-election recovery fine grade antimony oxide, antimony oxide obtained concentrate and tailings.

Antimony metal processing equipment

Antimony metal processing plant must be crushed, then need to use thick crusher machine - jaw crusher, also used for screening - jigging machine classifier, and then use the mill after screening. Shanghai SBM create professional antimony metal grinding mill, high efficiency, good stability, easy to control.

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