Diesel Engine Jaw Crushers

Diesel engine jaw crushers are based on high input, high-output design concept developed high-performance crusher, which is mainly used in building stone crushing, metal ore crushing and solid waste disposal, and so on. Diesel engine jaw crushers used excellent performance, reliable quality and cost-effective global customers receive the praise of river gravel, limestone, ferrous metal ore, non-ferrous metal ores, rhyolite, basalt and other metallic and non-metallic minerals with more stone good crushing processing, the processing amount can reach 110-650 tonnes per hour.

Jaw crusher at low temperature environment

fuel choices Jaw crusher and clean fuel system: the choice of jaw crusher for diesel fuel is very critical. In general, diesel pour point than the normal operating temperature low 5 ℃, so as to ensure the jaw crusher production. Especially in the winter time equipment maintenance, we need to pay attention to in a timely manner to drum dryer fuel system clean, pay attention to the device filters, filter, etc., in a timely manner to discharge sewage inside out, so as to enhance the jaw crusher machine production capacity.

Choose good performance diesel engine oil to improve fuel machine life: For jaw crusher, in the production of low-temperature environment in general need to select the higher performance of diesel engine oil, which is great for jaw crusher yield. Because this type of experience will appear oxidation temperature, the production process will not leave some debris and sediment, in improving production capacity jaw crusher the same time, greatly enhance the use of diesel engine life, and ultimately extend the life of jaw crusher.

The timely replacement of gear lubrication oil: in winter temperatures are generally very low, and this time if you want to ensure that the production jaw crusher capacity, you need to do seasonal maintenance equipment. Generally take measures to the jaw crusher is the differential, transmission, steering gear, and other internal gear oil for a reasonable replacement, select some suitable for winter use of gear oil to replace, replace the attention will be internal cleaning, so as to ensure the production of jaw crusher.

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