Origin Of Double Acting Jaw Crusher

Domestic and foreign production of shaped jaw crusher models variety. Years ago, Federal Republic of Germany and the former Soviet Union have developed over the hydraulically actuated jaw crusher. It features improve movable jaw so as to increase the number of swings yield, while the hydraulic adjustment nesting mouth, hydraulic overload protection and can load start. Federal Germany had impact type jaw crusher, and the former Soviet Union also created a shock jaw crusher (also called inertia jaw crusher). They rely on shock and vibration moving jaw crushed material, in order to improve the performance of the crusher.

The former has been developed in our country, but because of some reasons, it has not been developed. With the development of jaw crusher, now we developed a double acting jaw crusher, which is characterized by intermittent work into making continuous work, in order to improve the efficiency of the crusher. It is in addition to improving efficiency, while reducing the crusher load, so that relieve a lot of weight machines.

Double acting jaw crusher design principle

1, improved components - the movable jaw: the movable jaw is at the heart of the machine, its structure and size affect the machine's performance. Double acting jaw crusher is also a core component of the movable jaw, the movable jaw structure determines the motion movable jaw, thereby affecting the degree of wear of the machine's processing power and jaw. With the ordinary jaw crusher, the two movable jaw plate of the double acting jaw crusher is required to assemble on a movable jaw, and the two movable jaw plate is required to have an ideal motion track. To this end, the structure of the moving jaw to make the following improvement objectives:

  • The movable jaw is capable of assembling two jaw plates at the same time;
  • To make the two movable jaw plate have an ideal motion track;
  • The output characteristic of the moving jaw is better than that of the ordinary jaw crusher.

2, components improved way: in order to complete the above-mentioned improvement goals, the company was modified following equipment:

  • by the designer in the 3D screens made double acting jaw crusher model demonstration, we will push the joystick upward direction set while rolling pendulum jaw broken hinge support to support a range of changes in the specific anchor accurate to a point. This approach can make more compact jaw crusher structure;
  • Another important improvement would be to place the eccentric axis downward, so that movable jaw version in the height direction characteristics of each point of having more desirable distribution. Eccentric shaft under the home can improve these shortcomings, reducing the movable jaw vertical displacement, horizontal displacement increases, so characteristic worth to significantly drop, make two movable jaw block having the desired trajectory;
  • organizations to optimize and improve overall performance, so that the jaw with the best output characteristics.

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