Double Toggle Jaw Crusher

Modern machinery is crushing after the steam engine and electric motor and other power machinery gradual improvement and promotion have been created.

1858, American Blake invented crushing rock jaw crusher; Americans EW Blake (Black) design and manufacture of the world's first jaw crusher. Its structure in the form of double toggle (simple swing type) jaw crusher. Since the jaw crusher has a simple structure, easy to manufacture, reliable, easy maintenance, small size and height advantage. So far it is still widely used in crushing hard, medium-hard, soft ore and all kinds of materials, such as a variety of ores, solvent, slag, building stone, marble and so on.

Jaw crusher working principle

Jaw crusher working principle is by means of a movable jaw periodically oscillating movement toward or away from the fixed jaw plate material entering the crushing chamber squeezed, splitting, bending and impact the role of fragmentation. Material crushed by its own weight or jaw thrust downward swing discharged from the discharge port. In accordance with the trajectory of its jaw, structure, moving jaw hanging and moving jaw toggle plate supporting different way, jaw crusher is squeezing and bending role of two jaw plates for use of materials, coarse crushing or broken in various hardness materials crushing machinery. Its crushing body from the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plates, when the two jaws close when materials namely crushing jaw when the two left the nesting population is less than a block material discharged from the bottom. Its crushing action is carried out intermittently.

Single toggle and double toggle jaw crusher comparison

To twenty in 1980s, the size of the feed grain size of the large jaw crusher of 800 tons of material per hour has reached 1800 mm. Commonly used jaw crusher has double toggle and single toggle. The former fixed jaw at work only for simple swing arc, so called simple swing jaw crusher(single toggle jaw crusher); the latter, while the swing arc is also up and down movement, so called complex swing jaw crusher(double toggle jaw crusher).

single toggle jaw crusher:It is compact and simple, eccentric shafts and other transmission parts smaller force; the movable jaw vertical displacement is small, the processing of the material is less excessive crushed phenomenon, smaller jaw jaw plate wear. Moving jaw hanging on the mandrel, it can be used as side to side, when the eccentric shaft is rotated, the link up and down reciprocating motion. Driven by two thrust plate also reciprocate, thus promoting the moving jaw do about reciprocate achieve crushing and discharge.This machine adopts double crank linkage mechanism is crushing, while the movable jaw by a great crushing force, and the eccentric shaft and the connecting rod has less force, so the industry made more large and medium-sized machine, used for crushing hard materials.

double toggle jaw crusher:Single toggle and double toggle jaw crusher comparison, its advantages are: light quality, fewer components, more compact structure, the degree of crushing cavity full of good material block is loaded evenly crushing, mandatory introduction of the lower jaw to move finished unloading feed, so higher productivity. It is 20-30% higher than the same specifications of the double toggle jaw crusher productivity; material block in the lower portion of the movable jaw has a larger roll up and down movement, the shape of a cube easily discharged, reduced as single toggle jaw crusher product as flake ingredients.

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