Highly Efficient And Environmentally Friendly Mobile Crusher

Entering a new era in the rapid advancement of science and technology and economy, the living standards are constantly improving, the urbanization process is accelerating, and construction waste is also generated. It is waste residue, spoil, silt and discarded materials generated during construction. Many of them are It can be recycled, and if it is not treated, it will seriously pollute the environment.

Just because construction waste is not like ordinary waste, it needs special equipment for processing, and technology is already developed. There are also a lot of equipment on the market. This construction waste mobile crushing station can make construction waste use its best. Efficient and environmentally friendly, bring you more gold.

Make The Best Use

The treatment of construction waste is professional and an old expert. Only one piece of equipment can help solve the problem. In the operation, the short-time screening, sorting and extracting the useful materials in the construction waste and not using the materials can be processed. The used garbage enters the following link, and the broken part is an indispensable part of the work. After the material is crushed and processed, it can be reused.

Such as the use of glue, paint, paint, etc. can be sent to their corresponding areas to reuse higher value, and waste bricks, tiles, concrete and other non-metallic elements, the strength is also very high, the same has a good effect, as The concrete raw materials are not bad, the density is also small, and the crushing treatment can be used as the aggregate for the foundation, the road cushion, etc., and the waste wood can be used as the papermaking material, and the materials are used as much as possible.

Highly Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

The construction waste mobile crushing station is equipped with PLC control system and integrates digital control technology. It can easily control the entire production process, reduce labor and cost, and freely move, adapt to a variety of complex and diverse sites, and operate more efficiently. Let you have more gold.

In addition to cleverly handling construction waste and saving resources, the design enhances the sealing of the fuselage, and is equipped with a unique dust collecting device. The principle of air circulation is used to collect most of the dust particles, and the buffer material is arranged at the noise source to reduce noise. Ensure that the entire processing site is free of dust and noise pollution and become an environmental guardian.

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