How To Prevent Mobile Crusher Produce Dust

Overview: Mobile construction waste crusher is a set of feeding, crushing, screening, conveying as whole mobile machining production line, because of long production line, so severely test the quality of safety in production, and the dust is affects mobile construction waste crushing machine safe and clean production one of the main factor, so is critical to the prevention and control of dust, below we have a detailed analysis of how to control the mobile construction waste crusher production of dust.

Reform of production

Production process of reform is the key measures of dust prevention and control, and wet crushing screening process is to reduce the crusher dust pollution effective method, in the production process conditions permit conditions should be as far as possible using the wet process, improving multiple dust not reasonable production process and eliminate serious pollution of the production equipment, application of new technology, new equipment.

Strengthen the ventilation and timely treatment

According to specific production process, adopts part or whole ventilation technology, Improve the environment in the air of workplace, the workshop air containing dust concentration is lower than the provisions of the standard of health; and to close the dust recovery system should be timely effective treatment, avoid dust unorganized emissions, resulting in secondary dust.

Install dust removal device

Can be equipped with automatic unloading material machine to replace the original grab, because the automatic unloading material machine can make the whole process of dust emission reduce to the minimum; at the same time in the job storage inside installation of a water spray device, keep the floor wet, to prevent the release of dust; in storage field around the set special windbreak, reduce the possibility of wind brings out the dust from the industry.

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