How To Prolong Mobile Impact Crusher Service Life

Overview: in sand production line, mobile impact crusher is the third process, material after jaw crusher crushed, and then transferred to the mobile impact crusher, then again crushing into 20~60mm particles of the finished product to meet customer's demands. The mobile impact crusher is a kind of equipment which can use the impact energy to crush material.

In order to promise mobile impact crusher works normal in sand production line, prolong mobile crusher service life, customers should always pay attention to crusher maintenance.

After put into new machine, should check crusher comprehensively

After crusher running for a week, should check the motor, lubrication for a comprehensive inspection. Check the contents includes parts of the fixed fastening, belt transmission, bearing seal, back lining plate, plate wear and put a check, and establish regular maintenance and replacement system combined with the maintenance cycle.

Adjust crusher rotor and impact plate gap

When the rotor of crusher is running, the gap between the rotor and impact plate can’t be adjusted. Such as material into block stranded between the back plate and shell, it is recommended in re adjust the gap between slightly raise impact frame, such as pieces of the incoming materials will become loose, impact frame will easily adjust.

Replace impact wearing parts

Firstly, open the back shelves. When use it, the first after the shelves and in the case of connecting bolts removed and hexagon head part of wrench to flip device, and shelves slowly opened. At the same time, can use frame above hanging device hanging rack. Repeat the above process, you can then close the shelves.

Impact crusher blow bar

The impact crusher blow bar wears to certain extent should be adjusted or replaced in time in order to avoid the damage of fasteners and other parts.

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