Impact Crusher For Sale

Our customer service staff and customers when chatting found that many users interested in crushing machine spare parts. The paper developed for the company's impact crusher spare parts, the main role of each of the spare parts in the machine work to play for you a brief introduction, want to help you to know more about the product.

Impact crusher for gravel

Impact crusher is a device used in construction sand and gravel production indispensable. It is generally used as second crushing in sand and gravel production line,then installation of sand making machine, which can be used in the production of construction sand. At the same time, our sales staff in customer visits found that some customers even in a sand and gravel crushing production line installed in parallel to the three impact crusher to making sand, showing the popularity of this product in the high gravel and sand production.

Impact crusher spare parts

Impact crusher application is very extensive, and therefore impact crusher spare parts on the market demand is great.Many users in impact crusher spare parts consult us problems, but here we are finishing the following spare parts: plate hammer, counter lining, side guard plate, etc., the following spare parts for these one by one to introduce you to.

Plates hammer is a lot of users better understanding of spare part. In the impact crusher, the plate hammer is located on the inside rotor of the crushing cavity. The shape of plates hammer has two straight and crescent, which are embedded in the rotor grooves, we will do together with the high-speed rotation of the rotor, and materials falling into the crushing cavity and the rear plate hammer will collide, then crushing and bounce, and ultimately complete crushing work materials.

Fight back liner is installed on the back panel of the parts in impact crusher. It is used to protect the back plate, and after the board hammer rebound materials will impinge on the fight back liner, then crushed and rally again, and ultimately achieve the purpose of crushing the material. With fight back lining board will fight back change the angle and height, and this transformation is the regulation. Through this regulation, the user can control impact crusher of the material particle size.

Edge guard plate is impact crusher for protecting the frame member mounted spare part. The same effect as its role and jaw crusher edge guard plate, can prevent the material in the crushing cavity everywhere rattling caused the rack wear, thereby protecting the smooth production.

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