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Jaw crusher is crushing equipment appeared earlier, because of its simple structure, rugged, reliable, easy maintenance and repair as well as production and construction costs less, so until now is still widely in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, transportation and other industrial sectors, for breaking strength at 147 ~ 245MPa various ores and rocks of coarse, medium, fine. In recent years, I plant to meet the metallurgical, mining, construction and other industrial sectors crushing high strength, high hardness of low carbon ferrochrome needs, specifically developed a strong jaw crusher.

Our company produces two series of various specifications of the jaw crusher because of its simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, maintenance, and use of safety, etc.. In addition, to meet the growing domestic and international market needs, for all jaw crusher series carried out in accordance with international advanced level to improve the design and increase the marketability of the new specifications.

Jaw crusher capacity parameter is based on the size of the machine to determine the size of the different capacity parameter mechanical equipment is no different. For example, the maximum power of the crusher PE-1200 * 1500, its feed inlet size is 1200 * 1500, the largest feed grain is 1020mm, the nesting population adjustment range 150-300mm, the processing capacity per hour 230-550m, motor in 150 kilowatts of power, weight is 100.7 tons. PEW types of jaw crusher PEW-300 * 1300, this is one of the largest PEW model, its inlet size is 300 * 1300, the largest feed grain is 250 mm, the nesting population adjustment range 20-90 mm , 10-65 meters per hour processing capacity, motor power 75 kW weight is 11 tons. Like these models crusher equipment primarily suitable for use in sand production line as well as large buildings or water conservancy and hydropower industry.

Jaw crusher capacity parameter affect crusher performance

Jaw crusher operation status of each component influences the crusher performance of the equipment, and the main parameters of the device will affect the operating status of components. Therefore, the parameters indirectly affect the crusher performance of equipment, let's look at affect of jaw crusher capacity parameter for crushing performance.

1. The influence of eccentric shaft crank length. The length of the eccentric shaft crank affects the moving jaw on the horizontal stroke value of each point, increasing the length of the eccentric crank shaft, will improve the crushing performance of the jaw crusher. But also increases the power consumption of jaw crusher, worsening the situation by force lining, causing the liner wear.

2. engagement angular size of influence. Jaw crusher nip angle is the angle between the moving jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate, reducing nip angle can improve the productivity of the equipment, but will result in reduced crushing ratio. Conversely, increasing the nip angle increases the crushing ratio, but it will reduce productivity while crushing cavity material falls easily caught in prison, there is the risk of being pushed outside the machine.

3. Moving jaw suspension height of influence. Reducing the moving jaw suspension height, can increase the level of travel of each point on the movable jaw, reduce the points on the movable jaw stroke characteristic factor, not only can extend the jaw crusher liner life and can also increase the jaw crusher crushing performance.

4. Transmission angle size of influence. The size of the transmission angle great impact on device performance, increase the transmission angle will help to improve the force jaw crusher, bulk materials to improve crushing force, thereby enhancing the crusher performance of the equipment. But it will also reduce the level of the lower end of the movable jaw stroke, increase the vertical stroke, so jaw crusher liner severely worn.

5. The eccentric shaft speed of influence. Eccentric shaft speed is one of the main jaw crusher capacity parameter, direct impact on production capacity, and other than the power consumption and content over crushed product, the eccentric shaft revolution, movable jaw plate swing back and forth once, before the semi-circle of crushing materials, after half circle of unloading materials. To improve the crushing jaw crusher performance, it should enable the material back when the movable jaw plate discharged completely, and then immediately return the movable jaw crushed material.

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