PE Series Jaw Crusher Operating Principle

Shanghai Shibang Machinery mainly produced sand making machine, jaw crusher, and other processing equipment. The following describes the new PE series jaw crusher. Our company has made a number of improvements to the production technology of the traditional jaw crusher, and has formed a complete set of advanced PE series jaw crusher production technology. It reduces the production cost and energy consumption, improves the production efficiency and product quality, and improves the economic benefit.

Jaw crusher is currently the most widely used crusher in the world,which has many advantages, such as large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, convenient maintenance, etc.. Jaw crusher is divided into two kinds of coarse and fine crusher, can achieve different fineness of the material processing, the highest compressive strength of the crusher material up to 320MPa. Shanghai SBM leading research and development R & D production of large and medium-sized jaw crusher. In the medium-sized jaw crusher markets, we have been at the absolute leader.

When the jaw crusher motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move up and down movement of the jaw. When the movable jaw rises between toggle plate and moving jaw angle becomes larger, thus promoting the moving jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate. At the same time the material is squeezed, rub, grind, such as multiple broken. When the movable jaw down, between toggle plate and moving jaw angle smaller, movable jaw plate leave the fixed jaw plate under the action of the rod, the spring has been pulverized material under the action of gravity, the lower part of the jaw cavity discharge mouth free unloading. Thus working jaw crusher is intermittent, grinding and unloading process in the jaw cavity alternately. With the motor continuously rotating mobile jaw crushed for crushing and nesting periodicity to achieve mass production.

PE series jaw crusher features

Shanghai SBM for many years designed and manufactured in mining crushing machinery, based on the jaw crusher according to the actual use of the process in recurrent problem, the product of a series of improvements, the company production of jaw crusher has a unique advantage:

  • 1. Its structure is simple and reasonable, reliable, low operating costs;
  • 2. It's nesting population adjustment range, to meet different user requirements;
  • 3. It's set deep cavity and no dead zone, improve the ability to feed and production;
  • 4. It gasketed nesting population adjustment device, reliable and convenient, adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the device;
  • 5. It's lubrication system safe, reliable, easy parts replacement, small maintenance workload;

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