Jaw Crusher Spare Parts

Jaw crusher is widely applied in the field, because of its size specifications, feed size, different material hardness of jaws squeeze, different impact force. I produced the jaw crusher machine spare parts with high manganese steel, high manganese steel production system to do deterioration of various models of the jaws, to meet the needs of different the jaw crusher working conditions.

Jaw crusher spare parts manufacturers

Shanghai SBM production of jaw crusher parts are: jaw (dental board, tooth plate), guard plate, toggle plate; and tight bushings and other machined parts.

Tooth plate: Shanghai SBM jaw crusher tooth plate used ZGMn13Cr2 material pouring from. This product is based on the original high-manganese steel plus a certain amount of chromium improve the hardness of the product. Casting also carried out the water toughening treatment. Casting has high tensile strength, toughness, ductility and tough non-magnetic water after treatment. It makes the tooth plate more durable. It uses the process by severe shocks and strong pressure deformation, surface hardening, and the formation of martensite, thereby forming a high wear-resistant surface layer and the inner layer to maintain excellent toughness, even if worn to thin, too can withstand greater impact loads.

Toggle plate: jaw crusher toggle plate made of cast materials using HT200, raw material chemical composition and stability, ensure its mechanical properties. Greater than the rated load when subjected to external shocks, can quickly break to protect the host from damage, the motor will not be burned.

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