Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate

Jaw crusher toggle plate is precisely calculated iron castings. It is not just power transmission components, but also insurance crusher parts. When the crusher falls crushed material leaving the machine can not be more than the usual load, toggle plate immediately crushing, crusher machines to stop working, to avoid damage to the entire machine.

1, the toggle plate work content: When the crusher is working, the motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the triangle belt, so that the connecting rod is up and down. When the the connecting rod rises, between the front toggle plate and the rear toggle plate angle becomes larger, thus promoting the moving the jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, while the crushed material. When the the connecting rod down, between the front toggle plate and the rear toggle plate angle becomes smaller, movable jaw plate leave the fixed jaw plate under the tension spring, then crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor about the fixed mandrel crusher periodically swing, further crushed material.

2, toggle plate effect: Jaw crusher the rear toggle plate has two effects: First, when the non-broken material into the crushing chamber, toggle plate can first crushed, in order to protect other parts of the machine, it is the insurance element of the crusher; Second, Replace the Toggle plate of different lengths, adjust the discharge mine mouth size. Thus, both the vulnerability of Toggle plate is insured member.

3, the toggle plate stress analysis: In normal operation, if poor lubrication between the Toggle plate and the Toggle plate base, can lead to toggle and toggle board seat plate board head wear quickly, life is reduced. At this point, a lot of squeeze pressure transfer between the head toggle plate and the toggle plate seat, and withstand shock loads. When the crusher falls into non-broken, in order to prevent damage to important parts of the machine, because toggle plate is the most expensive parts of the machine, it is usually used as a safety device, At design time, Shanghai SBM deliberately increase its role stress or weaken its cross-section, in order to damage when overloaded. In order to achieve insurance purposes. However, since it is difficult to accurately calculate the design of the crushing force. Sometimes overload it is not damaged, and sometimes when it is not overloaded but destroyed.

Jaw crusher toggle plate commonly used materials

Jaw crusher toggle plate commonly used gray cast iron production. Because it is a safety device, which is based on cross-sectional dimensions of the machine when the overload on their own fault and design.Therefore, when remanufactured parts, should be based map processing, can not arbitrarily change the size or switch to other brands of materials. In order to reduce wear toggle pads and toggle head, in addition to frequently asked in two joint surface lubricant injection, but also to prevent dust and fine material into the junction, so the upper part of the junction block installation of drywall.

Structure Toggle plate are integral and combination. Generally using integrated. Jaw crusher should adopt combination, and its advantage is that it can be replaced after the toggle is worn, and the toggle plate can continue to be used, so that the material can be saved. For example, Benxi Iron lime mine will the jaw crusher toggle plate integral change combination. The original each year can be used 8 pieces of the toggle, only after the replacement of the head,toggle body is HT15-33, can save more than 8 yuan per year. When the crusher fall into non-broken, in order to prevent damage to important parts of the machine, usually elbow plate as a safety device, because it is the jaw crusher is the most expensive part.

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