Largest Fixed Impact Crusher

History of Impact Crusher can be traced to the 1850s, from the birth of the first jaw crusher in the world for a long time has passed. With the development of productive forces, jaw crusher has been unable to fully meet the needs of crushing technology, so on the basis of jaw crusher, people and design fixed impact crusher.

Impact crusher has a very broad range, from the coarse crushing impact crusher to sand making impact crusher, a total of eight series, nearly a hundred kinds of specifications. It has a unique structure. According to company experts: largest fixed impact crusher used against board hammer life of up to three to six months. In addition, Germany Hazemag & EPR for its impact crusher developed a new HazemagSQ rotor. The rotor-type opening, the rear fixing plate embedded in the groove. Pads can be fixed from the side or side panel insert, fixed with wedges. Pad combines the advantages of S-type pads and Q-type strike plate can be adjusted once head, and raise the utilization rate.

Impact crusher working principle

Fixed impact crusher crushing process are: Material from the mouth to the mine through the screen into the counterclockwise turn on, have a strong impact plate hammer with great speed toward the tangential direction of the first piece of the back plate, and it after the collision crushing, and then return to the rotor direction, by the second impact hammer plate, part of the material is still high speed toward the first - 'block counterattack plate, another part of the material (mostly small) is the second fly back plate being crushing in the process, some materials back and forth in a crushing machine has been repeatedly crushed. Finally achieve the size requirements of the material discharged from the bottom of crushers.

Future direction of impact crusher

With the development of modern machine manufacturing and science and technology, and the emergence of high-speed ball bearing and wear suitable material for the further development of impact crusher provides the material basis. The selective crushing impact crusher and crushing ratio, etc., made its development speed and scope, in more rapidly than the other crushing machinery in a short time. At present the major industrial countries have been developing and manufacturing plants of various types of impact crusher.

Overall, the future direction of domestic and foreign impact crusher is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  • 1, the need for the existing fixed impact crusher to improve the structure, improve the medium hard ore fixed impact crusher crushing capacity and ease of maintenance, which focused on improving the board hammer, the rotor structure in order to hammer replacement and installation card. Counter frame (crushing chamber shape) structural optimization, improve the utilization of the ore crushing rate and energy.
  • 2, Research and development of new type of plate hammer with high abrasion and high toughness can improve the service life and increase productivity.
  • 3, In order to meet market and customer needs, impact crusher being serialized standardized, large-scale development.

Shanghai SBM produced largest fixed impact crusher advantage is that: it's better than the big rupture, pellet-shaped articles. It can facilitate sensitive and conditioning the particle size and particle size of the material widely conditioning limitations. It fit together again for soft materials for hardness of the material is very large. It can be useful for a large amount of material disposed of moisture, to avoid the phenomenon of crusher machine infarction.

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