Manganese Steel Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the main production line equipment crushed indispensable. Jaw crusher jaw plate is its main working parts. Jaw plate is a jaw crusher equipment often with the replacement parts, because it is often subject to large stones of wear and tear, need to be replaced, so the jaw plate belongs to the jaw crusher equipment easy damage parts, jaw plate of the use life is directly related to the whole jaw crusher work efficiency and use cost.

How to choose jaw crusher jaw plate material? Jaw crusher first appeared in the 1850s, development up to now has gone through more than 100 years. Jaw crusher during operation, the jaw plate plays a very important role, jaw crusher is durable, and the material selection of jaw plate plays an important role.

Jaw crusher wear parts including jaw plate, guard plate, lining and fastening work piece, which comprises jaw tooth plate and tooth plate, because it uses a high-manganese steel various models of jaw, to meet the processing needs of different jaw crusher. Since the jaw plate is the most prone to wear and tear parts, so our company actively studying some of wearable material for the production of jaw plate. At present, the manganese steel jaw crusher jaw plate material commonly used are:

  • 1, high-manganese steel: belonging to jaw plate of the traditional material, toughness is very good, has a good deformation hardening. However, due to the structure of the jaw crusher, fixed, opening angle between the movable jaw plate is too large, easy-to-create slide leaving the high manganese steel abrasives strain hardening is insufficient. jaw plate surface hardness is low, a larger amount of abrasive cutting short, jaw plate wear faster.
  • 2, medium manganese steel: Given the high manganese steel specific limitation that is not fully hardened, easy flow and are cutting,developed in manganese steel jaw crusher.
  • 3, low-alloy steel: Compared former two materials, low-gold alloy steel is currently the most widely used anti-friction material, with high hardness and appropriate toughness, resistance to cutting material stronger. It has good wear resistance. It also can be adjusted depending on the composition and heat treatment, hardness and toughness change to adapt to different working conditions.

Jaw crusher jaw plate advantage:

Although the jaw crusher more prone to wear and tear, but also has many performance advantages, such as:

  • 1. Manganese steel jaw crusher jaw plate material used manganese ZGMn13 than 12% of manganese, a high degree of wear, long service life.
  • 2. Work hardening technology enables manganese steel jaw plate under pressure to continue to strengthen the hardness, high hardness.
  • 3. Heat treatment process using the "water toughening treatment" to avoid the use of naturally occurring phase transition in leaving the poor performance, good toughness.

Extend the service life of manganese steel jaw plate method:

  • 1, selection of jaw plates of high quality, our company produces the jaw plate of high manganese steel and high manganese steel material, through strict smelting, casting, heat treatment process and production management to make abrasion increase, longer life;
  • 2, another manganese steel jaw crusher equipment during operation need to focus on routine maintenance, particularly the need for regular maintenance as well as details of the jaw tooth pattern plate;
  • 3, in the actual production, manganese steel jaw crusher crushing force is great, especially when the material hardness is too large, easy to loose nut, so I usually want to manganese steel jaw crusher jaw plate nut fastening devices;

Jaw crusher jaw plate material regardless of the choice of which, with the ultimate goal is the same - to improve the wear resistance of jaw plate, jaw plate high abrasion resistance, and its life naturally increased. Thus, the device is in use, low failure rate, long service life, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises naturally. What kind of jaw plate material selection, but also to all business owners make the most appropriate choice according to the nature of the material to be crushed and their own actual situation.

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