Mobile Crusher Application And Maintenance

Overview: Mobile crusher because of its simple structure, novel design, long life, low cost by widespread concern, but in the application process, will inevitably encounter many problems, these are directly related to machine the normal operation and the level of work efficiency and enterprise economic benefits, so in use we must strictly abide by the rules of operation, below we introduce emphatically mobile crusher application and maintenance considerations.

Equipment in operation have to test machine, and before test machine should carefully check all the bolts are tightened, the connected components are reliable contact, then manually rotating the pulley, confirm the rotation resistance, can be an empty machine electricity test, if everything is normal can load test machine is started.

Crusher must be start in the no-load, don’t start with material, and should strictly prevent iron and steel and other superhard material enter into crushing cavity, avoid mechanical damage.

During working, we should always check easily damaged parts (such as hammer head, housing and vibrating shaft) wearing situation, if wearing seriously, we must stop the machine and replace timely.

Should always check crushing machine triangle belt use, such as the discovery of damage degree reached 30%, will affect the efficiency of the work, to replace all, don’t use mix old and new.

In order to guarantee mobile crusher machine works well, the moving parts and bearings should often filling calcium base grease, the movable sieve shaft and shaft sleeve of every ten days pour oil, each bearing pours three months a per year, and with maintenance, every two years do a major overhaul.

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