Mobile Crusher Daily Maintenance

Overview: because of the mobile crusher workload is larger, and the general working environment is relatively poor. Therefore, the daily maintenance is so important. It not only has to avoid crushing machine fault, but also in a certain extent improves equipment production efficiency, ensure the machine a good operation, then what is the mobile crusher daily maintenance matters?

Minor repairs should regularly check the crusher machine main parts, wearing parts and parts of lubrication condition, and the regular replacement of lubricating oil, but must guarantee the quality of lubricating oil, but also according to the prevailing weather conditions choose suitable lubricating oil; to check everywhere lining board wear condition, for serious wear and tear to the timely replacement; generally, gold ore mobile crusher a minor repairs in half a month.

Repair all including minor repairs, it mainly check the lining board wear degree, the drive shaft, the degree of wear and tear, when these parts wear to a certain degree to timely repair or replacement of new components; should regularly check the running situation of the electrical equipment, so as to ensure the normal running of the equipment; repair inspection period is the lining plate and the driving sleeve wear to determine the extent of, half of a repair.

The whole repair including repair all the content, it mainly to check large spare, such as frame, frame body, beams and other, general if in accordance with the provisions of the minor repairs, repair equipment found to solve problems in a timely fashion, so in the overhaul will be very easy, equipment doesn’t appear too large fault; relative to repair and minor repairs, overhaul cycle is generally longer, for five years or so, mainly on equipment technology innovation.

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