Advantages Of Roll Crusher

Overview: Shanghai SBM roll crusher is mainly used for sand and gravel, coal, coal preparation plant and other industries crushing, high efficiency, long life, sealed, low noise, small crushed through the material, the particle size uniformity and other characteristics. Many staff of mining enterprises for roll crusher are not familiar with. Today SBM machine you explain the roll crusher and What advantages compared to similar products.

What the advantage of roll crusher?

  • 1. It has a dual function screening and crushing: Two teeth material rollers fixedly mounted relative movement of the material crushing achieve to meet the size requirements by roll or roll and leave out the liner gap, to achieve the initial screening, does not meet the size requirements of continued fragmentation. Roll crusher while achieving a crushing and screening material, which saves energy, and reduces tooth crushed time.
  • 2. Without foundation bound: Roll crusher design makes the crushing force are all contained within the machine frame, so just bear the weight of the equipment, this advantage makes the double roll crusher can be mounted on the wheels, on the truck, or on the sleepers, and so open-pit mining is carried out in-pit crusher possible.
  • 3. Self-cleaning function: The speed of the tooth roller crusher is low, and the large roll teeth on the two roll can be combed each other, thus it can deal with the wet and sticky material, and other types of crusher can cause great difficulties in the work.
  • 4. Easily and quickly resume production after the accident: When due to the non-crushing material into the crushing chamber caused by an accident stop, simply let the roll axis inversion can resume production without artificial pulled out foreign matter from the crushing device.
  • 5. Double overload protection: The tooth roller crusher is equipped with a hydraulic coupler and a buffer device, which is a safety protection for the motor, the size of the teeth, and the jaw body through the two devices.
  • 6. Flexible assembly, convenient maintenance: Toothed roller shaft assembly with crushing tooth ring, inlaid teeth on the ring gear sets, is bolted. When the crushing process in gear sleeve wear reaches a certain level can be individually replaced, speed, thereby reducing downtime and reduce production costs.

At the same time, we also note that tooth roll crusher more fire power plant to replace imported equipment for crushing equipment of choice, mainly because the device has a high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages.

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