Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill

Bentonite, also known as rock or swelling bentonite, montmorillonite is the main component containing clay minerals. Our bentonite reserves in the world, full range, widely distributed throughout 26 provinces, production and exports rank in the world. Bentonite is known as "universal" Clay said, do binder, suspending agents, thixotropic agents, stabilizers, purification bleaching agent, filling material, feed, catalyst, etc., it is widely used in oil exploration, Directional Crossing, steel casting, metallurgical pellet, chemical coatings, fertilizer, sizing, rubber, plastics, paper, clean water, moisture absorption agents, pesticides, and other fields.

Bentonite Mining Processing Plant

Bentonite pellet purification process is more complicated, first by bentonite pellet beneficiation purification methods can be divided into three types, namely, hand-selected, winnowing (dry) and selected water (wet). Bentonite processing is generally carried out in the mining field, the ore in the yard to dry naturally, by the jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing the finished size after the 30-40mm, further dried by the cone crusher to less than 5mm thin material, add water and stir into the pulp content of 25%, followed by separation of the coarse-grained sand and carbonate minerals with the spiral classifier, remaining suspension into the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal sedimentation separator, further separation of carbon fines impurities such as salts and feldspar. After LM series vertical roller mill grinding process, product fineness according to user requirements, generally 100-325 mesh, finished by grinding after cyclone classifier machine degritting or impurities to be finally finished.

In recent years, the application of bentonite pellet has become the key point in the research field of mineral materials. With improvements in bentonite processing equipment, as well as the application and selection of dried and crushed bentonite grinding technology makes bentonite pellet toward deeper industrial production.

Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill

Recalling the history of the development of Shanghai SBM bentonite grinding mill, newly developed large-scale production of the LM series vertical roller mill in bentonite crushing production 100-325 mesh fineness lower energy consumption, the system is stable and reliable. The quality of the products throughout the production process more stable and uniform, particle size distribution tends to be more reasonable, can according to the varieties and specifications of the flexibility to choose to assist when investors to establish large bentonite production base, promote the bentonite pellet processing industry to the specialization, scale, intensive development.

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