Cone Crusher Spare Parts

Cone crusher is a crushing equipment with high crushing efficiency, crushing ratio and low energy consumption, which is well received by users. Cone crusher spare parts replacement is the problem we inevitably encounter, Shanghai SBM cone crusher spare parts is how to accomplish cleverly replaced.

How Clever To Replace Cone Crusher Spare Parts?

Cone crusher structure includes rack, the spindle, fixed outer cone and liner, the eccentric, the movable parts within the cone and liner, lubrication systems, safety devices and other components. But cone crusher spare parts have crushing wall, rolling acetabular wall, bowl-shaped bearing, copper sets.

  • 1. Replace the wall of the cone crusher: cone crushing wall is fixed to the body with a tapered conical head, cast zinc alloy between the two, after a new installation or replacement of the cone crusher new wall work 6-8 hours, check the tight solid case to be fastened immediately found loose.
  • 2. gear meshing: due to friction make circular plate wear, the impact of the change gear clearance, to ensure that the gear meshing normally must be in the bottom cover additional gasket. The gasket thickness should be equal to the plate wear.
  • 3. the bearing and sealing device: installation of bowl bearing, careful not to touch the bad oil retaining ring steel wire rope. Assembly, the spherical bearing should be scraped, ensuring crushing cone and a bowl shaped cross sphere in contact circle loop should ensure 0.35-0.5mm of annular gap.
  • 4. the cylindrical body of the bush and the frame with a third transition: In order to prevent rotation of the sleeve, and in the liner upper tank into a zinc alloy, should be replaced with new liner when the actual size of the frame body preparation, if the gap is too general cause liner rupture.
  • 5. conical bushings, sleeve eccentric shaft to be strict with empty Close: injection of zinc alloy to prevent the sleeve rotation, zinc alloy be filled all space, since the reason zinc alloy thermal injection may cause deformation of the sleeve, so the new cone set a good check size, found to be incorrect promptly corrected, manufacturing spare parts shall be the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric formulated to maintain the original co-ordination.
  • 6. replace the spring: the action of the spring when the crusher can not be broken material into the crusher when protection is not damaged, so the crushing force of the spring pressure and crusher adapt crusher in normal operation the spring is not moving , only to fall crusher iron overload lift support sleeve when the spring is compressed phenomenon occurs in the crushing chamber.

Master cone crusher spare parts replace techniques, the correct replacement parts for cone crushers, very good to extend the life of the crusher, reducing the failure rate.

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