Mobile Cone Crusher

Overview: Mobile cone crusher is a mobile crushing station, is the fluidity of the stone crushing operations, can be seen as a simple stone production line, widely used in railway, highway, water conservancy, construction, metallurgy and other industries. Mobile crushing station according to the type of raw material, size and material requirements are different, especially the fracture site is small, more suitable for construction waste, construction waste crushing.

Mobile cone crusher is so popular

Mobile crushing station with coarse crushing, crushing and finely, stand in the position of customers, to eliminate the broken ground, crushing obstacles environment to customers as the primary solution. The real operation of the project hardware facilities, high efficiency and low cost for the customer, can greatly expand the concept of crushing operation.

Compared with other crusher its features

  • 1. Good mobility. Can directly enter into the site, which is suitable for common road, but also facilitate the rugged bad road environment for mobile.
  • 2. Cost savings, reduce costs. Mobile crushing station of materials on-site crushing, avoid the material turnover link, greatly reduce the material cost of transportation.
  • 3. Higher applicability. The mobile crushing station not only can group singly of independent operation, but also can be combined for coarse crushing, fine two crushing and screening system, coarse crushing, middle crushing, fine crushing and screening system, or on the basis of field need to be combined into pieces after the first screening or screening and crushing system.

Technical Data

Model Car Body Vibrating Screen Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Size(m) Power (kw)
Y3S1848CS75 Two-Spindle 3YA1848 ≤400 4-18.5 CS75 6-75 B800×7.5 200 13050×2830×4350
Y3S1860CS160 Three-Spindle 3YA1860 ≤400 4-22 CS160 6-160/185 B800×8.5 500 14300×2830×4380
Y3S1860HP220 Three-Spindle 3YA1860 ≤400 4-22 HPC220 4-220 B800×8.5 550 14300×2830×4380
Y3S2160HP220 Three-Spindle 3YA2160 ≤400 4-30 HPC220 4-220 B1000×8.5 550 14300×3150×4380

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