Mobile Impact Crusher

Overview: as more and more people begin work on mining industry, demands of equipment becomes more and more larger, especially mobile impact crusher. Because it eliminates the construction of steel structure and the breaking group cumbersome, save a lot of time. Especially suitable for small crushing site, construction waste, construction waste crushing. The mobile crushing station also greatly reduces the cost of investment, improve the investment income.

Compared with other crushers its characteristic

  • 1. Flexible configuration, It can according to the customer's job site, material, grain and other requirements, special customization of mobile crushing station, provide customers with more suitable for the production of the necessary equipment, such as: single type, multi product combination, self-contained belt machine etc.
  • 2. Compact structure, the vehicle equipment integration, greatly saves the space. Has the motor and control box mounted generator, convenient field operation, supporting; support equipment installed in a vehicle, the convenient stationed.
  • 3. Stable performance, easy to repair, The mobile crushing station is equipped with a crusher, vibrating feeder and superior performance crusher, stable performance, convenient repair; materials handling equipped with conventional belt conveyor, simple operation, mature technology, low investment, high return.

Technical Data

Model Car Body Feeder Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Size(m) Power (kw)
YG938FW1214Ⅱ Two-Spindle ZSW380×96 500 6-11 PFW1214II 500 4-132 B800×8.5 360 12600×2550×3870
YG1142FW315Ⅱ Three-Spindle ZSW420×110 580 6-15 PFW1315II 600 4-160 B1000×9.5 400 13900×2750×4180
YG1349FW318Ⅱ Three-Spindle ZSW490×130 750 6-22 PFW1318II 700 4-200 B1200×10.5 500 15450×2950×4180
Y3S1860F1214-N Three-Spindle 3YA1860 ≤400 4-22 PF1214 350 6-132 B800×8.5 360 14300×2830×4380
Y3S2160F1315-N Three-Spindle 3YA2160 ≤400 4-30 PF1315 350 6-200 B1000×8.5 500 14300×3190×4380
Y3S1860FW214Ⅲ Three-Spindle 3YA1860 ≤400 4-22 PFW1214Ⅲ 250 4-132 B800×8.5 360 14300×2830×4380
Y3S2160FW315Ⅲ Three-Spindle 3YA2160 ≤400 4-30 PFW1315Ⅲ 300 4-160 B1000×8.5 400 14300×3190×4380

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