Sand Making Machine

Since the flood in the summer of 1999, the situation of our country has gradually controlled the river sand, followed by the rapid growth of artificial sand market, driven by the demand of sand making machine. Sand production line, including crushing, screening, washing and other machinery, in particular, sand used crusher has become a hot market.

Typically different quality rock, such as limestone, granite, river eggs, etc., you can choose different crushing machinery to deal with. For example: the use of a roller crusher or a hammer crusher handle limestone ,the use of impact crusher or cone crusher handle granite.They have to adapt to the specific characteristics of crushed material. Since the 1980s, the company pushing spindle Barmac impact crusher (VSI sand making machine), this new crusher has become synonymous with sand making machine, almost replaced the functions of other types of sand crusher.

VSI sand making machine developed at abroad

For over 20 years, on the rapid development of world's VSI sand making machine, from stone dozen stone to stone timbewolves, from a closed impeller to open impeller, from peripheral and central also expect center feed, changes in the number of impeller and impeller guide plate shape change and so on, and a variety of speed and motor power of choice.Thus, a variety of VSI sand making machine covered different hardness, feed size different rock sand market.VSI sand making machine manufacturing company internationally are mostly concentrated in Europe and America. For example: Group Corporation and the former Barmac company, Group Cedarapids, CANICA company, ASTEC Group Pioneer company, ISC, Remco, Cemco, and and other companies, which recently launched a new product has the following common characteristics:

  • 1) Sand making machine increasingly broad scope of the past, VSI sand making machine only in the third grade or fourth grade sand technology selection, now open impeller design allows maximum feed size reached 150 ~ 180mm, making VSI sand making machine can be crushed in a secondary crushed, etc. in the selection process, will replace the traditional two partial crusher mechanical, impact crusher or cone crusher;
  • 2) Sand making machine service life more and more long including closed impeller and knife, lining board, open impeller guide plate, stone timbewolves counterattack plate and change the shape of parts at the same time, using new wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic coating and tungsten composite. Closed impeller outer blade, a life of up to 700h or more;
  • 3) Dust pollution generated by the sand making machine is less and less in the environmental protection requirements of the European and American regions, manufacturers have to increase the dust control settings, as far as possible to reduce the sand making machine VSI operation of dust on the environment pollution.

The above the company's products have entered the Chinese market in recent years. In some industries, such as water conservancy gravel pits, it has occupied dominant market position.

VSI sand making machine developed in China

In recent years, domestic VSI sand making machine also has great development, mainly in the following aspects:

  • 1. VSI sand making machine domestic manufacturers more and more, and each company has introduced new products, which is steadily increasing the number of products;
  • 2. sand making machine specifications gradually enlarged. As Shanghai SBM's impeller diameter reached 1300mm, processing capacity increases accordingly, and the percentage content of the finished sand feed row has reached the advanced level, close to 50%;
  • 3. Compared to the specifications of the product, the quality and stability, many manufacturers of machine vibration, noise, dust and other began to control and improve the service life and wearing parts of, manufacturers report, dealing with gravel in the service life of the outer cutter has more than 200H;
  • 4. Sand making machine of varieties increased, not only have stone at stone and stone blacksmith, and open impeller in individual companies began to use its normal life expectancy of the guide plate requirements. Due to the above factors, the domestic customers begin to trust domestic VSI sand making machine, using the occasion in some, such as the hard materials processing, advanced domestic equipment can compete with imported equipment.

Currently, VSI sand making machine in the domestic market from a technical level can be divided into three types: self-developed products (including imitation), Sino-foreign cooperative products and all imported products. When the production scale gravel field is growing, the price of imported equipment is relatively high, it has not become a drag customers to buy.The resistance from the use of costly and difficult to serve foreign equipment. Sino-foreign cooperative products to enter the domestic market relatively late, due to the technology is mature, and the wearing parts are domestically, Chinese partner for customers selection checks, provide relatively good service, to make up for the shortcomings of all imported equipment, it displays strong market competitiveness. Domestic self-developed products despite imitation, if the price advantage alone, not technically, quality times, although the number of dominant on the market, but the outlook is not optimistic.

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