Pegmatite Rock Introduction

Pegmatite rock can be located at or near the top of the wall rock intrusive body, whose main ingredient is mixed with rock (intrusion) agreement, only the texture and structure and morphology, occurrence there are significant differences with the parent rock. A variety of different components of the magma under certain conditions can form pegmatite. In addition, the deterioration process, migmatized late stage may also be formed pegmatite.

Usually pegmatite long feldspar deposits of high grade rock, mineral composition is relatively simple. To pegmatite rock processing plant, in addition to hand-selected, generally after crushing, grinding continuous crushing operations, and then high intensity magnetic separation to remove iron and other impurities. There are strong dry and wet magnetic separation of the points, to be in accordance with the conditions and characteristics of a given mineral.

Pegmatite Rock Processing Plant

There are a lot 2 ~ 6mm of pegmatite rock through the crushed ore. In order to improve the efficiency of subsequent separation, the need for crushing pegmatite rock grading process, then crushed ore will be elected. After crushing pegmatite rock into the hopper falls under gravity delivery device. Pegmatite rock crushing under the action of the delivery device, wherein the ore particles separated from each other, and to maintain a certain distance.

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