Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide Crusher

Polycrystalline silicon carbide is a highly artificial abrasives, is one of the main raw material industrial wheel, sandpaper, abrasive. Polycrystalline silicon carbide processing will appear equal area, plate-like, sword-like, aggregates of four. Manufacturing is the most suitable abrasive product shape, etc., within the state of abrasive particles uniformly arranged in a unit volume of the cutting edge and more, to ensure the efficiency of grinding, and good wear degree, much longer life.

For polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher process, cone crusher is commonly used equipment. Our company produced cone crusher is laminated crusher, but also the interaction between the materials, together constitute material crushing, big crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency. When the cone crusher works, the crushing cavity is filled with material, which is made of the material layer by applying a strict quantitative and the inertia force to the material layer, which can make the material layer to be compacted, and the material particles can bear the full range of extrusion, so as to realize the crushing of the material layer.

Crushing way of polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher

With the progress of time, the type of polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher is more and more. Crushing different ways of crusher equipment, particle size, etc., become the most concern, I plant according to your needs to provide for your polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher, here is crushing way of polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher.

  • 1, crushing: Face the material is placed between the two, after applying pressure, the material due to the compressive stress reaches its compressive strength and crushing, this method is generally suitable for crushing bulk materials.
  • 2, split pieces: As the material between a plane and the working plane with a sharp edge, and when working with sharp edges on the material plane extrusion, the material will be split along the direction of the pressure line of action. Splitting is due to splitting tensile stresses on the plane to meet or exceed the material tensile strength limit. The ultimate tensile strength of the material is much smaller than the compressive strength limit. Crushing ratio and unit power consumption is polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher basic technical and economic indicators. Big crushing ratio polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher is higher than large efficiency.
  • 3, crushed pieces: silicon carbide crusher will be the material by the bending stress effect and crushing. Crushed material subjected to concentrated loads two fulcrum simply supported beam or more fulcrum beams. When the bending stress of the material reaches the bending strength of the material, it is namely crushed and crushing.

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