Potash Feldspar Processing Plant

Potash feldspar is the main raw material for making glass, floor tiles and ceramic products. Because market application amount is large, so potash Feldspar processing plant market is always in the active state. Shanghai SBM processing of potash feldspar has strong actual production experience and dozens of successful cases, in order to meet some of the needs of potash feldspar processing plant customers, we look at what equipment needs potash feldspar processing plant in the end, is engaged in the field customers solve doubts.

Potash feldspar ore processing based on carried out as a potash feldspar raw material for further processing. Potash feldspar ore mined from the mine after, are large stones, so the first step is potash feldspar powder processed first chunk of potash feldspar crushed into small pieces, and then after grinding, screening, grinding back steps to get 40 - 80 mesh qualified feldspar powder particle size. Here we look at each step is how to run.

What potash feldspar processing equipment needs

crushed links: Potash feldspar crushing need to consider two factors. First, Potash feldspar chunks of granularity, the crusher inlet size is limited. Crusher selection should be considered when more than 95% of Potash feldspar can enter inside the crusher. Second, yield more small, unable to provide adequate Potash feldspar subsequent steps on the production adversely. Yield appropriate problem is not too much bigger down, stockpiling after crushed can advance together for subsequent production use. After many years of actual production experience, we use the crushed high ratio, large output, stable operation, easy maintenance jaw crusher is most appropriate.

milling link: Potash feldspar crushed good access to the milling equipment for processing. Special milling equipment used potash feldspar ball mill. the machine does not use a large ring, which replaced the belt, so that the original need 135KW motor to drive the ball up, using a belt drive can only 75KW, reduce operating costs. Meanwhile, Potash feldspar can not see the iron, and therefore requires the use of non-ferrous mill liner inside. The machine's feed and discharge port had made of stainless steel, because the same is to avoid contact with Potash feldspar and iron.

screening links: If you want to get potash feldspar powder, so screening is an essential step. Screening machinery also need to consider is that the device can not make iron and Potash feldspar in contact, and therefore require screening equipment made of stainless steel. Based on years of actual production experience, screening equipment made of stainless steel Drum screen most appropriate. Drum screen with wear, production, finished Potash feldspar powder is easy dispensing features, is the other screening equipment can not match.

Through the perfect combination of the above steps to form a Potash feldspar processing plant.

Potash feldspar beneficiation common user questions and answers

Q: Potash feldspar ore processing equipment can be used to sorting albite it?

A: The principle of potash feldspar is for Potash feldspar beneficiation were iron, cleaning operations, increase the purity of Potash feldspar, realizing its economic value, albite and Potash feldspar, as part of the same nature mineral beneficiation principles in addition also same.

Q: Water mill potash feldspar is what mean?

A: It is an old Potash feldspar grinding process, low cost, but the efficiency is low. Now the rapid development of various types of crushers, has replaced the crushed water mill company .

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