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In the mining sector, rock material application is the greatest. Select the crushed rock is the largest rock crusher. Rock crusher is based on rock material comes to research and development, Moreover, advanced equipment performance, crushing ratio. It is not comparable to other crushing equipment, rock crushing equipment following a look at the first rock crusher reasons.

  • 1, ore along the joint surface is crushed, so low power consumption and high efficiency.
  • 2, It is a simple structure, small size, light weight, large capacity, so the low cost of production.
  • 3, it has a selective crushing effect, and crushed product of more uniform size, shape mostly cubic stones.
  • 4, It is a large crushing ratio, it is possible to simplify the crushing process, can make turn three sections crushing into two sections crushing or one sections crushing, reducing the cost of concentrator equipment.

Rock properties

Rock, is a mixture of a solid-state minerals or mineral, which is called the reef rock under the sea, reefs and shoal, consisting of one or more mineral composition, having an aggregate structure of certain structure, a few containing the remains or relics of biological (ie fossil). Minerals are three-state: Solid (such as fossil), gas (such as natural gas), liquid (such as oil), but mostly solid material, is one of the material composition of the crust, is the main component of the Earth's lithosphere. Rock is a natural output with stable outlook mineral or glass aggregates, combined together in a certain way. It constitutes the material basis of the crust and upper mantle. By cause into igneous rocks, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

Rock Crusher For should pay attention to what?

Common rock crusher divided according to the type of jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and so on. So we should pay attention to what the rock crusher in the purchase when it? The following will explain in detail.

Feed size is generally between rocks at 100-500mm, you can use impact crusher. The biggest advantage of impact crusher is the discharge port can be achieved automatically adjusted automatically adjusted according to user needs. The feed size in between 125mm-1020mm can via jaw crusher do coarse crushing, the coarse crushing rock granularity done. Hammer crusher is generally used for crushing coal and lime and other materials. In addition, the impact crusher suitable for crushing plastic and sand and so on. Cone crusher suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores and rocks. In short, we choose different types of rock crusher for different rock hardness materials.

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