Specification Of Jaw Crusher

In the mining industry applied to the jaw crusher specification, model, size also varies. What kind of specifications apply to much of mine? What kind of model is suitable for crushing what kind of material? There are a lot of customers in the selection when the machine is not aware of this problem. Want to figure out this problem, you have to first understand the specification of jaw crusher and jaw crusher models. Next, I would interpret a jaw crusher specifications and model for everyone to use mobile jaw crusher form.

From this table we can see that the feed inlet size of each type of jaw crusher, the maximum feed size, discharge opening processing range, the maximum capacity of these key models vary. Customers can choose their own what type of machine according to their number of daily mining, determines the size of the material.

Finally, we will introduce the use of jaw crusher. Jaw crusher, also known as the tiger population. The movable jaw and static jaw two jaw plate crushing chamber simulated the movement of animals to complete the two jaw crusher material crushing operations. It widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry in a variety of ores and bulk materials of medium-grained crushed. The maximum compressive strength of the material to be crushed for 320Mpa.

Choose the right device based on the specifications of jaw crusher

Many customers when buying jaw crusher, usually very concerned crusher feed size and the particle size, so we must first understand the crusher size specifications and detailed dimensions. It describes how to choose the right device jaw crusher based on specifications. Specification of jaw crusher is used to feed the width B and length L to represent. For example, 900 × 1200mm jaw crusher represents it to the mine mouth width of 900mm, length of 1200mm. According to jaw crusher feed opening width can be divided into large, medium and small three types. Feed opening width greater than 600mm are large, feed opening width of 300 ~ 600mm were medium-sized, feeding by mouth width of less than 300mm for small. Production of the largest jaw crusher to the ore block degree than the feed opening width B 15 to 20 percent small, that is, to feed the largest block of D Max = 0.85 ~ 0.8B.

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