Stone Cone Crusher Machine

With the continuous growth of China's economic construction, so that the domestic real estate boom and the rapid development of the national highway, so the development of the crusher industry has developed rapidly. Stone cone crusher machine sales market also gradually develop open, stone cone crusher machine sales also far than in previous years have significantly improved.

Advantages Of Stone Cone Crusher Machine

Stone cone crusher machine is designed with a novel design principle, the use of new technology concept crusher, to meet the specifications of different materials crusher, drop foot "more crushing less grinding" new process requirements. It is not only crushing ratio, fine and uniform particle size, and low power consumption of the unit. The machine humidity crushing material requires no request is too large, but also for any of the hard, brittle materials, can be used for crushing various minerals. The machine works by major aircraft proved a good prospect in mineral processing field.

The annual global reached hundreds of crushing materials as much as one hundred million tons, but only China's annual crusher various materials is about 1.8 billion. Wherein approximately 240 million iron ore / t, non-ferrous metal ores more than 100 million non-metallic mineral 230 million / t, Industrial Minerals 30 million / t, cement 400 million / t. Limestone 470 million for building / t, the power consumption of 250-0 one hundred million kw-h, steel consumption of about 2.5 million / t. Therefore, in the crusher industry to produce energy saving, high technology content of the crusher is a big trend in the future development of the machinery industry.

Stone cone crusher machine has crushing materials throughput, high production capacity. The machine's unique design allows the machine maintenance costs and maintenance costs are significantly reduced, so that The machine greatly improved production efficiency, production costs are significantly lower. Compared with conventional crushing equipment, stone cone crusher machine as material processing has crusher, fine particle size and uniform ratio, low power consumption advantages can be crusher any hardness brittle materials, is an ideal energy-saving ultra-fine crushing equipment.

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