White Mercury Mining Process

White mercury known as quicksilver, its application is very extensive, but also is a toxic metal. white mercury is after two crushed jaw crusher, ball mill or rod mill and then grinding, grinding after the product enters grader grading, sorting and then impurities, and finally through the dryer drying became refined mercury . White mercury mining process are many, according to the production conditions can be divided into two kinds of dry and wet. Different white mercury mining process used by the devices vary. Dry method is to choose not to mineral powder through magnetic separator, wet through the flotation machine for sorting.

In addition, according to the production process, white mercury mining process can be applied to preselected, re-election, flotation or several joint sorting method. preselected filter can be divided into two kinds of hand-selected and crushed. Hand-selected is the cinnabar and surrounding rock and the gangue mineral color difference to choose, crushing screening is sieving equipment, select the appropriate mesh size grading, to achieve the purpose of pre.

Re-election: white mercury ore than the major treatment in favor of re-election, but in the production practice is generally not used alone reselection white mercury ore treatment process, the general weight - floating joint process. White mercury ore re-election equipment to shaking table and jigger most common, jigging machine for processing the ore into the mill before the pre-screening of undersize grade, shaking table obtain high-grade ore, used for the production of cinnabar.

Flotation: flotation is the most common white mercury mining process and effective mining methods. Flotation not only can effectively recover cinnabar ores, but also for natural mercury, chlorine, mercury and other mercury sulfide minerals can be effectively recycled. Flotation is also used to process polymetallic ores containing white mercury. Few selected plant use flotation column as a crude separation equipment, its technical and economic indicators and the mechanical flotation machine is almost the same. Some foreign large-scale plant, use large-scale autogenous mill and flotation machine.

White mercury mining process is the purification of white mercury ore beneficiation production line. Different spheres of industry demand for different white mercury concentrate determines the different white mercury ore beneficiation process design and white mercury beneficiation production line layout.

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